A project to build a model of the Horten Ho 229 V3 cockpit in 1:1 scale. The purpose is to serve as a prop for an upcoming National Geographic documentary on the Ho 229.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Throttle quadrant

Here's a good example of why I simply *must* do this project! Arthur Bentley kindly sent me scans of all the original German production drawings of the cockpit area. The Ho 229 is one of the few German aircraft from WWII where the original drawings survived. Most were destroyed as the allies advanced unfortunately.

So, the throttle box. I had some good photos of this, here's an example:

I started on a more or less rectangular box in Autocad, but then I got the drawings from Arthur, turns out the shape is a trapezoid.

And here's the side view showing the throttle handles:

And here's the CAD drawing. I'm simplifying the shape a bit to make it easier to construct. Unfortunately I don't have infinite time to get this thing done.

Today I'm going to start on the framework.


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