A project to build a model of the Horten Ho 229 V3 cockpit in 1:1 scale. The purpose is to serve as a prop for an upcoming National Geographic documentary on the Ho 229.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Seat progress; Ho XVIII

I shut down Sunday night about 5:30, filthy and exhausted, but happy to see at least one completed seat frame. Building up this framwork is slow going, slower than I expected.

I took vacation Thu & Fri, so this represents (together with the instrument panel support framework) over three full days of work. And it's not done yet! I'm sure an experienced welder could work a bit faster. I've been speeding up myself as I gain experience. My welds are improving also. The completed frame is *very* strong.

I'm also working on a small 36" span model of the Ho XVIII "Amerkia Bomber" for the documentary. I'll be including status on that here also for convenience. It's currently in its fourth coat of primer. The canopy/turret plugs are on their way to Greg Smith in Colorado for vacuforming.


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