A project to build a model of the Horten Ho 229 V3 cockpit in 1:1 scale. The purpose is to serve as a prop for an upcoming National Geographic documentary on the Ho 229.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Reference; stick grip

Heiner pointed out a great German website with lots of cockpit instrumentation info:


The CAD work is nearly done. Here's the cut sheet for the wood parts:

Ian has agreed to make the grip for the control column. This is a really important piece since it is a focal point and everyone is going to want to "take stick in hand" :-) Thanks Ian!!! Here is a CAD drawing I worked up to get him started:


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  1. Hi Gary
    WRT to the grip, could it be carved from wood, then detailed with a fine tip in the dremel, then resined and molded? What sort of pattern is on the rubber grip?
    Looking great btw. Wish I lived closer!!! regards Chris